Monday, 12 April 2010

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

So when Aiko came over for some fun and frolicking in the sun, she brought over her Canon EOS 5D mark II for me to have a play with. I shot both of our mini shoots with it and I fell in love with it.

The feel of the camera is wonderful, it feels better than the first 5D. My only criticism is that the menu is so complicated it feels like it just is for the sake of it. The mark I has a really simple system that I have become familiar with.
The quality is undeniable. It is awesome. It picks up every little fine hair on a persons face, perfect for fine art portraiture.

The colours are wicked, and the contrast is just so beautiful. I know 99% is down to what ISO/apeture/shutter you use, but it just feels like it handels extreme sunlight better than the old one.

I would seriously consider trading in my old body for a new one, until I tried to access the RAW files on CS3....disaster. Because the Mark II was build just after they finished the programming for CS3, it means you have to purchase CS4 or an add on for your photoshop. Alternatively you can just convert it to a DNG (digital negative) and it will work just the same as a RAW file in PS.


  1. You could always *cough* acquire *cough* CS4 from somewhere? I didn't realise it had that problem, hmmm. How much do you think the trade in would cost?

  2. haha I probably could (;

    I'm not sure! I think I could trade in and pay a couple of hundred more. I don't necessary need a lens...just the body I guess. I should speak to someone in a camera shop! Shame Jessops is the only one I can think of :/