Sunday, 14 November 2010

Crazy shooting weeked!

I don't think anyone could predicted this weekend turning out as crazy as it did.

Creepy Queen Magazine's third issues photo shoot had been planned, organized and arranged for Sunday 14th November. No pumpkin patches had been found to shoot on, no large pumpkins could be found for props. So we settled for a 500 year old apple orchard which I have shot in a few times before.

So, Friday night all parties involved were txting each other trying to work out whether it was even worth shooting then as the weather was predicted to be nasty.
Typical British weather. We agreed that we would have to do it another day and left it at that.

Saturday morning i'm getting ready for work and received a txt saying I could have the day off as holiday. Todays weather was going to be MUCH nicer. So I frantically txted around, made sure everyone could come down in a few hours and bish bash bong, sorted. Perfect.

The girls turned up, we tried a few more farms to see if we could find a pumpkin patch or any pumpkins. No luck. BTW it's out of season and England doesn't really do Halloween on such a large scale as the US, so finding such cool locations was pretty much....never going to happen.

We had tea, a chat and laugh, got make-up ready, clothes ready and by the time it's ready to go it's dark outside, not fully dark..but defiantly getting there. Being optimistic I though we would at least try and shoot. We parked up and walked for a good 15 minutes down a pitch black muddy path to this location, hoping that my flash gun could save the day.
We got there and I did a few test shots and just wasn't happy. In fact I was hating it. I didn't want to shoot it in such bad conditions as A) how can I even focus the lens and B) my flash flattened everything and made Anna look like some weird ghost.

So after much reluctant conversation we decided to head back to mine and shoot in the morning. Well, that didn't work because Rich was doing a pod cast, so I drove the girls back to London, stayed at Anna's and decided studio was the only way forward.
We slept over and in the morning started preparing. I was quite worried, in fact feeling quite nervously sick as I didn't feel inspired - I couldn't let the girls down AGAIN. Argh! So myself and Stacey (Sample Remix) flicked through a few magazines and BANG. Inspiration! Yay! Anna's house is full of amazing odysseys and I just didn't think to even bloody use it!

So we conjured this bad boy up:
And from there the shoot commenced going for a completely opposite style that I was expecting. But in a bloody ace way! I am SO pleased with this idea and how random the weekend has been to even get to this point. I'm pleased to say I'm sitting here smiling, scrolling through the images knowing that an awesome team has yet again made something beautiful and different.

So thank you to Anna ( and Stacey (Sample Remix) for your amazing commitment to make this shoot happen!!