Sunday, 6 February 2011


Heres the starter image from my most recent shoot with my friend, model and photographer Becky.
I wanted to develop some images that were based on expression, where make-up and styling is made simple so the model has to speak for themselves through expressions.

I chose Becky as a model as her eyes are so big! It meant that she could really show emotion through them, even though she hasn't done anything like this before. To get the expressions we really had to work together, I made her laugh and shout random things at her, make her ruffle her hair etc to get spontaneous expressions like these!

I want these images to show models that this is a great thing to have in your portfolio. If you can show a large amount of different expressions, a potential client might pick you over another model just because of that. People like versatility, I now choose my models for their posing and expressions, especially through the eyes. If you look dead to me then I don't feel that you will gel well with my images. Sometimes when an image is heavily photo shopped or has a lot of attention to detail such as colour, etc.. can carry a model but what REALLY makes an image pop is if your working in unity. And thats what I look for now.

These photos were taken in Photoshoot Studio Hire in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. All lighting, editing, styling is done by me.

If you are interested in getting something similar or more of a mosaic with many different images, email me